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  • Will a plasma cutter cut copper?

    Gas selection guide for plasma cutting aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel Air. Air is the most versatile plasma gas; it produces good cut quality and speed on mild steel, stainless, and aluminum. Oxygen. ... Nitrogen. ... Argon hydrogen. ... Illustrated guide to plasma gas selection: Good cut quality/speed. ...

  • What type of gas is used for a plasma cutter?

    Location: Oakland Township, Michigan. Ram Year: 2015. Engine: 6.7L Cummins. The price is typical for this size plasma cutter that doesn't have a recognizable brand name like Lincoln or Miller for example. If you can find out who makes it for Jegs and then research the brand that will help you. Also, Jegs is a reputable company so I doubt they ...

  • Why to use a CNC plasma cutter for metal work?

    Professional-Grade Metal Cutting. JEGS Plasma Cutters are available in 40 amp and 60 amp versions to take your metal cutting to a new level. Precision cuts, the ability to produce intricate detail, and fast progress are just some of the benefits of these professional-grade tools.