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    Plasma . 0-240VAC. 11. Plasma System . 2016.03 . MATCO MA48 PCA48 PFC . AIR PLASMA CUTTER. IMPORTANT: Read this Owner’s Manual Completely before attempting to use this equipment. Save this manual and keep it handy for quick reference. Pay particular attention to the safety instructions we have provided for your protection. Contact your


    before starting the equipment, read the contents of this manual, which must be stored in a place familiar to all users for the entire operative life-span of the machine. this equipment must be used solely for welding/plasma cutting operations. safety precautions welding and arc cutting can be harmful to yourself and others

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    INSTALLATION Input cable connection (enclose installing diagram) 1. Every machine has been disposed a power cable which must be connected to coordinated voltage class in compliance according to input voltage of cutting machine. 2. Make sure power cable is connected to power switch reliably and prevent from oxidizing. Page 6: Instruction Notes 5.


    Cut Direction must be considered when programming the plasma cutter. Like a router, the direc-tion of travel the plasma torch takes will affect the cut quality. This is because the holes in the swirl ring produce a swirl in the plasma jet. The finish side of the plasma cut is the right side of the cut when facing the direction of travel.

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    Plasma CNC machine contains several parts: plasma unit, controller circuit, CNC table and software. Plasma unit generates the plasma torch which can cut the metals. Controller circuit controls the stepper motors using microstepping method. This method has high accuracy control.

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    Plasma cutting machine is a new type of hot cutting equipment, its working principle is based on the compressed air as working gas, high temperature and high speed of plasma arc as heat source, molten metal will be partially melted, and at the same time high-speed air blow away the molten metal, and form the narrow cut seam.

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    Plasmacam instruction manual, plasmacam cnc tutorial plasmacam dhc2 cnc plasma cutting system 4ft x 4ft with design edge software video-based 1/11/2012в в· this is a simple guide to cutting on a plasmacam cutter and will go through how to set up and use a

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    BOC Smoothcut Plasma 40 Operating manual 7 2.1 Fundamentals of Plasma Cutting A plasma can be created by adding energy to an electrically neutral gas. In the case of air plasma cutting the air is dry, clean compressed air delivered from an air compressor or an air line. By adding electricity

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    Oct 02, 2007 · Subsection 1.03, Publications in this manual. • Use special equipment, such as water or down draft cutting tables, to capture fumes and gases. • Do not use the plasma torch in an area where combustible or explosive gases or materials are located. • Phosgene, a toxic gas, is generated from the vapors of chlorinated solvents and cleansers.

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    ADT-HC6500 Flame/Plasma Cutting machine CNC System User’s Manual ADTECH (SHENZHEN) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD 5th Floor, 27-29th Building, Tianxia IC Industrial Park, Yiyuan road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

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    A plasma cutter can only cut conductive metals, while water jet machines can cut almost any material including glass, ceramic, plastic, foam and all metals. A water jet machine can cut up to a 10" thickness and regularly cuts 2-6” thicknesses in steel with abrasive water jet cutting. Plasma is best when cutting materials that are less than 1” thick.

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    13) Support the Flame, Plasma, Dusting draw and Demonstration four kinds of mode. 14) Flame and Plasma are separated in the control IO ports. 15) Support THC, two level preheat, three level pierce in flame mode. 16) Plasma arc feedback, positioning feedback, automatically shut down the arc at the corner. 17) Support edge cutting.

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    CNC Plasma Cutting System Operating Manual Revised September 14, 2018 800-338-5471