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    WHEELER-REX Hydraulic Pipe Cutters. Get top-quality hydraulic pipe cutters from Grainger that can cut virtually any pipe material, including steel, cast iron, ductile iron, clay and plastic pipe. Cut pipe in a wide range of sizes, from 2” to 36” dia., depending on the model you choose. These hydraulic pipe cutters include pump, hose and carrying case.

  • What kind of pipe cutter do I Need?

    Auto Cutter - this tool requires little working space and is able to tighten automatically when turned. PVC Pipe Cutter - it is an incredible tool when working with plastic pipes. It uses hand squeezing motion to close the cutter ratchets and in the process slices a small piece of the pipe each time.

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    Just like hand-operated pipe cutters, hydraulic pipe cutters use a chain wrapped around a pipe to cut it in just seconds. The pipe is squeezed by the cutter wheels on the chain which causes the pipe to pop apart. Remotely operated hydraulic pumps provide the required power to quickly and cleanly snap any pipe project you face.

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    Hydraulic cutters Holmatro industrial cutters are user-friendly, reduce physical demands and are safe to operate. Our experience and technical expertise enable us to offer you adequate solutions for almost any cutting application you can think of. Read more about cutters

  • The hardest working pipe cutters and tools | Wheeler-Rex

    The LSI 600R & 600E are very rugged cutters with steel cylinder bodies for high cutting frequency and portable application. It is the ideal remote activate cutting tool. Can be supplied extension hoses, electric control cable, or remote cable package. Opening and closing of the cutter blades is controlled by oil pressure and flow from a power unit.