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    template. Secure with 5/16” carriage bolts, washers and nuts. D. Repeat Step 1 for remaining end cap. Wood end cap 5/16” Carriage bolt with fl at washer, lock washer and nut 3/16” Fillet weld Short cable guide bracket 3/16” Fillet weld Long cable guide bracket


    TRANSVERSE FILLET WELD LONGITUDINAL FILLET WELD BOLTED CONNECTION B B Figure 1. Specifications for Structural Joints Using ASTM A325 or A490 Bolts of the Research Council on Structural Connections.)” Note: Part 1 cited the 2000 version of D1.1, in which these provisions were contained in 2.6.3.The latest version is largely unchanged in ...

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    ƒ Fillet welds are most common and used in all structures. ƒ Weld sizes are specified in 1/16 in. increments ƒ A fillet weld can be loaded in any direction in shear, compression, or tension. However, it always fails in shear.


    The carriage bolt features a smooth rounded head The carriage bolt features a smooth rounded head for appearance safety and security. The square shank under the head pulls into the material as nuts are tightened; this prevents the bolt from turning.

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    Attach right wheel assembly at the two holes drilled in Step 1, using 5/8 x 1-1/4 carriage head bolts at (K) (heads down) and 5/8 flange nuts. Secure at gusset under frame tube with 5/8 x 1- 1/4 carriage head bolt (M) and flange nut. 3. Drill a 0.812” diameter hole in the endsheet, using the hole (A) in wheel assembly as a guide.


    particularly useful for weaving fillet welds in a corner joint. The Pendulum Weaver support bolts onto the front of the carriage and the Weaver Control Module plugs onto the top of the Master Drive Unit, as shown below. The Pendulum Weaver has a heavy duty planetary gear box with powerful output for rotating welding gun and attachments.

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    Character 1)HK-5T-II which is suitable for continuous horizontal fillet welding structure is double side welding device. 4)Carriage’s movements have high stability because of synchronous four-wheel drive. 7)Equipped with fixator for welding gun, it can weld more stably to improve welding quality. Add to Favorites.

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    6. Fillet Weld Symbols. Fillet welds are one of the most common weld types in the industry. This weld is used when the joint has two members coming together to form an intersection of commonly 90 degrees. These welds can be applied on varying angles but this would be the most prominent. A fillet weld symbol can be used with an arrow side (below ...

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    welds with the same carriage ... Types of welds Fillet, V-Groove, Overhead, Out of Position, Submerged Arc, Dual Torch ... that bolts directly to the machine.

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    Heavy Duty Ferrules The ferrule helps to shield the arc from the operator, it minimizes the atmosphere that the flux must purge, the ferrule helps form the molten metal into the fillet, while allowing the fillet vents allow weld gases to escape. Ferrules are disposable items and as disposable items they are mass manufactured quickly and inexpensively. Ferrules are …

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    Align diamond planks on I-Beam or other anchoring cross-member. Mark the I-Beam for drilling purposes under a slot near the end of plank. Drill a pilot hole. Remove plank and drill a finish hole. Replace plank. Align diamond washer over the drilled hole. Run the carriage bolt through the diamond washer and I-Beam.

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    Nov 13, 2003 · The number of bolts / length and ksi strength of mat'l. An overview of the calculations involving welds are based on: 1. Weld type, strength, area, and location. 2. Strength based on the ksi given in the first 2 digs of the electrode. 3. Type will give you the formula needed to calculate how much weld area there is. 4.

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    carriage bolt pip 2" ( 3 section f-f 2 t" x1 f' ~" 2" long band a gle 2 t" x 1 f' x ~" x 2" long band angle spot welds (each side of 1 f' leg band angle) welds (each of band angle) coupling band l.. d fillet weld at each side of grate at every other corrugation on the tangent. section d-d grate welding detail section a-a bearing bar f' diameter carriage olt 1" 2" typ. (3" max. ) structural steel slotted drain

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    1/2 in.-13 x 8 in. Galvanized Carriage Bolt (25-Pack) Carriage bolts have a smooth rounded head Carriage bolts have a smooth rounded head with a square neck underneath that locks into wood when tightened. Use with a pre-drilled hole and secure with a hex nut and washer to prevent spinning.

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    Ideally the weld should be 0.5-1mm clear of the top corner. The designer may therefore specify a slightly smaller leg length compared to the thickness of the component. To compensate for this reduction in throat thickness it may be necessary to specify a deep penetration fillet weld.