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    Apr 13, 2010 · Once you have cold cut it, you can use a plug a few feet back into the pipe, clean and gas free the exposed pipe, weld flanges on the cut ends and then install a flanged fitting tie in. Winds up with extra flanges but it's one way of doing it.

  • GUIDELINES Field Welding and Cutting Ductile Iron Pipe

    sandpaper, applicator, pipe, fittings, file, so that the task at hand can be accomplished quickly, with precision, and in a timely manner. Pipe must be cut as square as possible. The bottom 1/3 of fitting is the strongest part of the joint , so if you have a crooked cut, pipe will not bottom properly. Use a pipe cutter, power saw, miter box

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    Apr 09, 2021 · Cutting the Angle of The Pipe That Way You Want It First of all, you will want to cut the pipe to the angle you want it at. The easiest way to do this is to use a sharpie to mark exactly where you need to match up the two pipes together. You should have this information ready before you begin planning on a spontaneous welding idea.

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    Feb 21, 2015 · Then, you take the tool off and use a torch to make your cut (don't use the template as a guide for your torch while you're cutting). Depending on how good you are with a torch, you should be ready to weld the top rail after a quick pass with a grinder to clean up the cut a little. After cutting the saddle notch. Ready to weld together.

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    When welding two pieces of pipe together the ends of the pipe must be properly prepared to obtain the best possible weld joint. The pipe or tube is typically beveled on the ends to facilitate the joining of the two pieces by forming a "V" between them. This "V" can have different angles, forms, and other characteristics depending on the size of ...


    A saddle cut is a way of cutting one pipe to match the outside curved surface of another pipe. The resulting pattern will look like the profile of a saddle, a curved center section that goes over the second pipe and two curved sections that extend down on either side.


    The easiest way to weld black iron pipe is by using a welding technique called arc welding. 1. After your black iron pipe and the metal you want to bond it to is clean from debris and dirt, they need to be clamped together as firmly as they can be. 2. Arc welding uses intense electricity to create a heat high enough to melt both metals together.

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    Jun 04, 2007 · Torch cutting a pipe with concrete inside. A friend has asked me to cut a verticle pipe at ground level. The pipe was used to hold up a basketball backboard and hoop. Concrete was poured into the top of the pipe so he doesn't know how far it went up …

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    of weld metal to outside pipe wall. It is recommended that alignment be verified by using “Hi-Lo” gauges after has been fit-up and tack welded. When backing is shown as “Required” on the WPS, the backing shall be backing ring or strip or other material shown above, or it shall be weld metal deposited by another

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    The most common type of joint used for welding together pipe is a butt joint. Very simply, you take two pipes and put them together and now you have a butt joint to weld. But if you are welding thicker walled pipe then you are going to bevel a V or U butt joint. Singles only.

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    Apr 23, 2010 · To cut a simple 45° on a 3.50" O.D. pipe: 1) Chalk a line around the pipe. 2) Chalk a second line that is 3.50" (Pipe O.D.) apart from the first. 3) Secure pipe so it cannot rotate. 4) Using Wrap-A-Round, chalk lines on pipe that intersect original line …

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    Jun 01, 2016 · A viewer, Dave, wrote in and asked how to cut angles on pipe so you can weld them together. There is a great site,, where you can get all sorts of jigs, templates, etc.There is also a jig you can put in your drill press where you clamp your pipe into the jig, set your angle, and then use a holesaw that takes out a half moon on both sides.

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    Wire Brush: This small brush made of wire is important for cleaning the inside of your pipe fittings. Pipe Cutter: Cut your pipe to size. A pipe cutter usually has a deburring tool on it. Emery Tape: This is also known as plumber’s tape or emery cloth. Plumber’s tape has an abrasive surface like a cloth sandpaper.

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    Once you have cold cut it, you can use a plug a few feet back into the pipe, clean and gas free the exposed pipe, weld flanges on the cut ends and then install a flanged fitting tie in. Winds up with extra flanges but it's one way of doing it.

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    Jun 24, 2020 · However, the lined pipes can never have heat applied to them, which means if you need to cut into the lined pipe to connect another pipe for a renovation or addition, welding is not recommended. Instead, we recommend cutting through lined pipes with a mechanical saw and attaching mechanical fittings to secure any new pipe junctions.

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    Jan 10, 2009 · Raise or lower the saw arm so the center of the shaft is at the same level as the center of the tube. When you grind a profile in the top of the tube, the same profile will be produced in the bottom of the tube. That is the key to coping the tube end for the tube to which it will join by welding.

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    You can use hacksaw or chainsaw to cut the pipe precisely. Just make sure, you’re cutting the pipe straightly. If there is an uneven edge or rusty feel on the tubing, you must remove it. You can simply use a grinder to grind the pipe. Thus, you can get very smoother welding. 2. Clamp The Pipes