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  • Which is Weld oscillator carriage does gullco use?

    QWS / Queensland Welding Supplies is Australia's leading supplier of high performance TIG, MIG, MMA and plasma cutters, with a focus on digital-technology. QWS offers a complete range of welding, engineering & industrial supply solutions.

  • Universal Bug-O-Matic | All Position Welding | Bug-O Systems

    Bug-O Systems weld backings are non metallic, non hygroscopic, neutral, and unlike metal backing bars, do not become part of the finished weld. The Universal Bug-O-Matic is a compact unit which combines a powerful drive and precision oscillator all in one housing.

  • Bug-O Portable products - Used and Refurbished for Sale

    Tools for weave welding produced by Bug-O Systems. The K-BUG 6050 is a compact unit designed for use with a torch support and positioner fixture or retrofit to a carriage.

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    We have a wide range of welding manipulators such as column and boom 4 M x 7 M, heavy duty rotators up to 100 tons and positioners up to 5 tons. We have the entire range of welding gear viz., SAW, SMAW, GTAW and FCAW welding machines. We also have BugO Speed Weaver welding oscillator for GTAW / FCAW.

  • Universal Bug-o-matic - BUG-O SYSTEMS - PDF Catalogs ...

    120/240 VAC, 50-60hz, single phase. Shipping weight: 36.5 lbs. The UNI BUG III Programmable Stitch Welder is designed to make continuous or intermittent stitch welds. In addition, this machine will mount and run directly on the workpiece in a variety of different kits. Each kit is designed to fit on a specific steel profile such as flat bar ...

  • Bug-O FTS-1025 Torch Support Stand | Weld Plus

    The K-BUG 3000 is a highly versatile fillet welder designed for all-position welding and equipped with a pendulum oscillator. The K-BUG 3000 drives on four rubber wheels and utilizes guide arms and a strong magnet in its base to adhere the machine to the work piece. FEATURES • Wireless Remote Control

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    Horizontal and vertical racking is used to position the torch. The CW-5 also includes a 30 lb (14 kg) spool holder. Regardless of the direction of rotation, the cable and wires do not get wrapped up or tangled. The CW-5 is supplied with the following cables: 50″ (15.2 m) of gas hose, 50″ (15.2 m) hot lead, 50″ (15.2 m) control cable and all cables from the remote box to the circle welder.

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    While welding, adjustments can be made to the travel speed, amplitude and oscillation speed as well as dwell left and dwell right. While the machine is welding, the torch can be guided by a separate steering knob. Closed loop feedback and dynamic braking allow the Bug-O-Matic to make precise starts, stops and travel at a constant speed.

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    The Universal Bug-O-Matic with Automated Height Control (AHC) improves weld quality through automation in three planes of movement. The powerful drive motor maintains a constant travel speed during welding; the built-in precision oscillator provides a uniform weave pattern; and the height controller maintains a constant tip to work piece distance.

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    Flat or Curved Surface Weld Oscillation | All Position Welding The KAT® Weld Oscillation Automation Carriage ;is comprised of the Compact Oscillator head, controls, mounting brackets, connecting cable, 1-1/8" heavy duty micro fine rack boxes with rack arms for horizontal and vertical adjustments and standard MIG gun holder, together with a KAT® carriage for rigid track or flex track as shown above.


    The Universal Bug-O-Matic (BUG-5700, BUG-5702 and BUG-5704) is a compact unit which combines a powerful drive and precision oscillator all in one housing. The unit is lightweight and can easily be handled by one operator. The machine works in all positions and can be used for vertical and overhead welds.

  • Universal Bug-O-Matic | Bug-O Systems - Red-D-Arc

    Welders/operators are removed from the weld puddle and harmful welding exposure effects with Bug-O mechanization. Operator fatigue is reduced since the welding/cutting is performed by the machine and simply monitored by the operator. Uncomfortable repositioning that occurs with manual welding is not experienced.

  • Welding Oscillator and Mini-Manipulator | Steelmax

    BUG-O Systems is a manufacturer that provides mechanized solutions for welding & cutting. Interchangeable components solve fabrication issues for our customers. 412-331-1776 [email protected]

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    Bug-O Systems Int'l, Canonsburg. 691 likes · 15 talking about this · 18 were here. Since 1948, Bug-O Systems is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of track, automation and...

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    The Weld Plus staff can help you find the proper replacement parts for Arc Welding – MIG, TIG and Plasma Cutting. We have years of experience with welding equipment and accessories. Weld Plus specializes in hard to find alloys! Stop in for a visit to our showroom and warehouse or call our sales staff today at 800-288-9414 and let us ...