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    ACETYLENE CUTTING TIP CHART Cutting Tip Series 1-101 and 3-101 Metal Thickness Tip Size Cutting Oxygen (PSIG)*** Preheat Oxygen (PSIG)* Acetylene Pressure (PSIG) Speed I.P.M. Kerf Width

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    Technology Parameters. Our Gantry CNC Plasma is an upgraded version of the Bota CNC Plasma with the same trusted CNC Control System, Automatic Arc Voltage Torch Height Controller, Flame (Oxy-Fuel) Cutting System, enlarged working area size and local customized cutting table. Input Power 220V/50Hz, 1400W. Cutting Mode Plasma Cutting & Flame Cutting.

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    Regulator for Acetylene is a single stage regulator with a 2" diaphragm It has a CGA 200 rear entry. This regulator has a recommended delivery pressure range of 0-15 which is more than enough for cutting steel.

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    Feb 07, 2002 · The knife makers treats the back of the edge toward the guard area and uses that area to draw the red heat to the rear of the edge as he works the torch up and back on the blade from the tip to the guard area. He heats about ½ inch up the edge bevel and once he has a good medium red color he quenches tip down in a good quenching oil.

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    plasma cutting machine. Tube-Pro. Y travel: 3,000 mm. Cutting speed: 10 mm/min - 5,000 mm/min. Tube diameter: 25 mm - 400 mm. 4-axis Pipe Cutting Machine, Φ25-400mm,length 3000mm and extendable. - Perfect Bevel Cut Removable trolley and cutting table is integrated, this structure keeps the equipment overall ...

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    steeltailor portable CNC cutting machine user manual, oxy-fuel cutting torch, plasma cutter.Visit SteelTailor Web Site for CNC plasma cutter,portable CNC cutting machines, CNC shape cutting machines, plasma cutter consumables, CNC plasma cutters, plasma cutter,CNC flame cutting

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    SteelTailor POWER-E portable CNC cutting machine Economical Type, Strength Keep Reliable, 10 years best-selling machine! ——Economical version of POWER Compared to similar products POWER-E quality = better components + strict standard +100% manual inspection long service time + high capacity + high precision Reliability Fixed motor rack + pinion gearing:Not using universal spring structure ...

  • How is oxyacetylene used in metal cutting?

    Jul 29, 2016 · In modern large-scale steel plant, whether it is heavy steel, light steel structure, or in buildings, equipment, ships, and other different steel industry, cutting material in the production chain are the first channel key manufacturing processes, "cutting and welding" Su Iron and steel tailor said, which mainly refers to the application of the wide range of large thermal cutting.

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    Apr 17, 2020 · Cuts dirty or painted steel and resists tip popping due to its inverted centre tip. The effective cutting distance from the workpiece is approximately 2-3 times that of acetylene. Is also less likely to overheat, and thus not create an atmosphere for flashback

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    Supply Voltage: AC220/50V/HZ Cutting thickness: 6-30MM Cutting Speed: 50-750MM/Min Features: 1) Die-cast aluminum main body 2) Speed system is adjusted by integrated circuit, keeping running steadily 3) Oxygen acetylene hose is made of high quality rubber for durable use 4) Various kinds of spare parts can be cut as per pattern 5) High precision in cutting with smooth surface 6) Especially for batch producing of components in the same pattern 7) Applied to shipbuilding, oil production ...

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    automatic welding machine; resistance welding machine; tractors welding machine; aro welding; cutting machine. plasma cutting machine; laser cutting machine; cnc oxy-gas/plasma cutting; gas cutting; cnc center equipment. lathes machine; milling machine; multi-functional cnc machining center; ficep – h beam production line; accessories ...

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    The plasma cutting speed is high, especially during common carbon steel sheet cutting, the plasma cutting speed is 5-6 times that of flame cutting. Low price,you still need to expect best service,Cut mild steel with flame process.Cut high carbon steel, stainless steel, and other non-ferrous metal with Plasma process

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    * Applicable for 3-hose machine cutting torches only. With a 2-hose cutting torch, preheat pressure is set by the cutting oxygen. ** For best results use appropriate capacity torches and 3/8" hose when using tip size 6 or larger. Torches with flashback arrestors require up to 25% more pressure as tip size increases (15 PSI maximum acetylene ...

  • How to cut metal with an acetylene torch?

    The automatic carbide acetylene generators used at first were not very reliable and were replaced by compressed acetylene. Swedish engineer Gustaf DalÉn received the 1912 Nobel Prize in physics for his discovery of techniques that allowed safe compression of acetylene. A few of the acetylene buoys were still in operation in the 1960s.

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    SteelTailor plasma and laser CNC cutting machine has been associated with experience Cutting and Welding area over 15 years. It focuses on providing economic...

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    Note 2:SteelTailor Power Portable CNC cutting machine's Z- Axis is adjustable manually and inclinable. If the automatic height control is selected (optional), the Z- Axis is adjustable manually or automatically. Note 3: With tips for propane is delivered, tips for acetylene can be delivered as option.