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  • BLUEROCK CG-211Y Manual Pipe Cutting Beveling Machine Gas ...

    This is a practical and economic pipe cutter with 4 paralleled roller wheels. It uses chains to enwind the pipe, by rotating the handle to move machine forward or backward. This machine applies oxygen-acetylene for straight cut or bevel cut (0-45oangle). Suitable for φ 100-600mm seamless steel pipe and no need of electricity.

  • CG2-11G Hand-Control Manual Pipe Gas Cutting Beveling Machine ...

    Our line of flame cutting machines are proudly manufactured by Mathey Dearman, the inventor of the Saddle machine. Our cold cutting and beveling machines are manufactured by TAG Pipe Equipment Specialist, the industry leader in cold cutting and beveling machines.

  • What kind of machine does pipe cutting and beveling?

    The Band Bevelling Machine is perfect for tight spaces, and with the right angle drive kit only 6″ of clearance is needed. The GBC 600D & GBC 1000D are automatic oxy fuel hole cutter that can bevel cuts or straight cut holes into pipe. The GBC Magcut has been designed to be used for parallel, vertical and downhill cutting.