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    Mar 01, 2019 · This video shows the Universal Bug-O-Matic welding pipe at a customer's location.The Universal Bug-O-Matic is a compact unit which combines a powerful drive ...

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    The DCW-5-L Circle Welder, equipped with Lincoln Electric® Power Feed 84® wire feeder, is capable of welding 1-12″ (25.4-304.8 mm) diameters. This machine can be used for GMAW, GMAW-P or FCAW welding process. There are eight user memories for complete welding procedure recall, and pre-programmed auto settings to simplify process procedures.

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    O.D. It is capable of using welding wire diameters 3/32-7/32" (2.4-5.6 mm). For more detailed info. please see our “CW-18” tech sheet online at CW-18 *NOTE: Welding diameter capacities cannot exceed two thirds diameter of the workpiece. CW-11 Model Process Capabilities Welding Diameter* Welding Wire Size Rotation Speeds Rise and Fall Cam Rating

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    • Automatic overload protection. • Easy to set-up and use. • Optional pipe & tube attachment for 6-1/4" (159 mm) diameter or larger. Plate Pipe PBM-2100 Pipe Adaptor (optional) A QUALITY PRODUCT FROM BUG-O SYSTEMS • 280 TECHNOLOGY DRIVE • CANONSBURG, PA 15317-9564 USA

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    semiautomatic DC constant voltage (wire) welder, 2) a DC manual (stick) welder, or 3) an AC welder with reduced open-circuit volt-age. In most situations, use of a DC, constant voltage wire welder is recommended. And, do not work alone! Disconnect input power or stop engine before installing or servicing this equipment.

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    All Universal Bug-O-Matics include a Control Orientation Reversing switch as standard. The pendant controls can be set to match the machine orientation. Example: 2 machines, running on one ring, welding a joint on a horizontal pipe. The Universal Bug-O-Matic is operator friendly and produces precise, accurate welds.

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    Jun 23, 2009 · The Piper-Bug Pipe Welding System from Bug-O Systems is a digitally controlled programmable welding travel carriage integrated with Lincoln Electric® Inverte...


    where partial penetration welding is shown on the construction or engineering drawing. This includes both butt and branch connection welds on piping. Care shall be taken when cutting the pipe to make the plane of the cut square to the axis of the pipe, so that the flat land and root spacing will be uniform all the way around the pipe.

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    This booklet is a guide to welding pipe with Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) and double ending pipe using automatic welding. Lincoln Electric supplies electrodes, power sources, automatic and semiautomatic wire feeders, submerged arc wire and flux, which are the industry standards for pipeline construction around the world.


    The Piper-Plus integrated with Lincoln Power Wave® S350, utilizes the latest in advanced digital weld process control. Bug-O Systems is guided by honesty, integrity and ethics in service to our customers and in all we do. 412-331-1776 Photo taken at New Industries, Inc. - Morgan City, Louisiana. MECHANIZED PIPE WELDING SYSTEM The ...

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    K-BUG 2000 DIGITAL, COMPACT, DUAL TORCH FILLET WELDER The K-BUG 2000 digital, compact dual torch fillet welder is a portable straight line travel carriage. Creating two continuous or intermittent “stitch” welds at a constant travel speed the K-BUG 2000 simultaneously produces high quality, uniform welds in a fraction of the time compared to ...

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    (Refer to page 4) The BUG-5275 H.D. WELDING GROUP is designed to carry a welding gun and provides horizontal and vertical adjustment. It will mount on any standard BUG-O carriage or any existing fixture.

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    Welding Arc Gouging B.NON-FERROUS ATTACHMENTS CIR-1010-3 2-Hose Assembly BUG-9898 3-Hose Quick Action Manifold Cut Shapes or Weld Patterns FMD-2170 Hi-Flex Rail w/ R.E. On/Off Magnets See MDS ipm for working diameters FMD-1050 Hi-Flex Rail BUGO Systems Are Available for Rent at BUGO Systems Are Available for Rent at

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    Bug-O equipment quickly increases production and quality. Money is saved with reduced material handling. A better work environment is created for welders and operators. Increased Operator Safety Reduce operator fatigue. Short Learning Curve Operators control speed, direction and torch angle for their cutting or welding with basic machine controls.


    BUG-O ALL TIME GIRTH WELDER Bug-O Systems offers the Automatic Girth Welder for tank fabrication applications. Unlike current girth welders on the market, the BGW (Bug-O Girth Welder) Series comes standard with a Dual Drive System. This self-propelled submerged arc welding system can reduce field storage tank welding time up to 40%. Weld


    The Concept. BUG-O Systems, a Division of Weld Tooling Corporation, founded in 1948, is a manufacturer of a system of drives, carriages, rails and attachments designed to automate welding guns, cutting torches and other hand held tools.

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    K-BUG 5100 All Position Pendulum Weave Welder (Hi-Flex rail) 4 Pages. K-BUG 5000 All Position Pendulum Weave Welder (Rigid & Semi-Flex Rail) 4 Pages. K-BUG 4000 Digital, Compact Fillet Welder. 4 Pages. K-BUG 3000 Fillet Welder with Oscillation. 4 Pages. K-BUG 2000 Dual Torch Fillet Welder.