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    Used Bug O Cutting Machine. This bench top Bug O cutting machine is a custom system designed to cut 180° of a circle. Contact Weld Plus for details on this unique cutting machine. Customers are always welcome to visit Weld Plus in Cincinnati, Ohio to inspect this or any of our machines. This unit will make a great addition to your shop.

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    BUG-O SYSTEM'S CUTTING AND WELDING PANOGRAPHS are spring loaded torch holders that automatically compensate for surface variations. They are designed to carry a cutting torch or welding gun along an irregular or wavy surface to maintain torch to work distance. 2 PAN-1008 Welding Panograph J. PAN-1071Panograph Rackholder

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    The machine is equipped with its own wire feeder, rotation drive motor, rise and fall cam assembly and welding gun. Horizontal and vertical racking is used to position the torch. The CW-5 also includes a 30 lb (14 kg) spool holder.

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    ZINGER Mig Welding Nozzles 169-715 169715 1/2" for Flush-Tip Miller M10/M15 & Hobart MIG Welding Gun-8PK. . . . . KickingHorse F130 MIG Welding Self Shielding Torch Nozzle, 1pc. Designed Sepcifically for Gasless Flux-cored Wire Only, Capable of Preserving Maximum Arc Energy and Providing the Best Arc Performance

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    The BUG-O torch holder will accept any standard 1-3/8" 35mm) diameter machine torch with a 32 pitch gear rack. The Quick-Action Gas Manifold mounted to the rear of the machine is used as a strain reliever for the torch and also gives the operator the ability to turn the preheat gases on and off without having to readjust the gas flow of the torch.

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    It will mount on any standard BUG-O carriage or any existing fixture. It consists of the following items: A BGV-1165 Clamp Block B BUG-3320-15 H.D. Tube Rack 15" (381 mm) C BUG-5182 Right Angle Clamp D BUG-5188 Torch Holder Assembly C Bug-O Systems is guided by honesty, integrity and ethics in service to our customers and in all we do.

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    Jun 04, 2019 · If I were welding nozzles into large vessels day in and day out, I would prefer to home-build a more streamlined circle welder, possibly using some elements from Bug-o. I think an equal challenge will be constructing a safe platform for elevated working, and all of the welding equipment location and cabling issues that come with that.


    Welding Direct Price $8.95. Dynaflux DF 400 Enviro-Spat Anti-Spatter Spray (16 Oz) 192N0001. DF 500 Dynaflux® Wire Feed Pads - Treated (6-Pack) These treated wire feed pads are for all wires except aluminum and are designed to remove contamination and promote smooth feeding of the welding wire. Regular price: $9.46.

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    Standard 3/8" gas nozzle for Tweco®, Lincoln Magnum® 100L, Schumacher® 93537 style mig guns. Regular price: $12.50. Welding Direct Price $8.95. Availability: Usually ships the same business day. Tweco 21-37 Nozzle 5/8' Standard 1210-1100 (1-pack) N-2137.

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    Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Bug-O Systems track welder parts at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!

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    Sub-Arc welding with Bug-O's CWP-7 circle welder at Dormanlong Co, Nigeria.Nozzle diameter : 6"Vessel diameter : 52"Nozzle wall thickness : 12 mmVessel wall ...

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    A versatile machine that can be customized for pipe welding 110, 220 or 42 volt Adapts to all Bug-O rail Speed: 2-120 ipm (51-3048 mm/min) Weight: 39 lbs. (17.5 kg) Pipe Welding/Cutting UNIVERSAL BUG-O-MATIC WITH AUTO HEIGHT CONTROL An Excellent Choice for Pipe Welding for ease of operation. 120, 240 or 42 volts Speed: 3-70 ipm (75-1750 mm/min)


    The Concept. BUG-O Systems, a Division of Weld Tooling Corporation, founded in 1948, is a manufacturer of a system of drives, carriages, rails and attachments designed to automate welding guns, cutting torches and other hand held tools.

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    Replacement gas nozzles for all Tweco® and Firepower® style Mig welding guns from 180 - 600 amps. Click on your selection for complete information, OEM part numbers and to add to your cart.

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    The machine is equipped with its own wire feeder, rotation drive motor, rise and fall cam assembly and welding gun. Horizontal and vertical racking is used to position the torch. The CW-5 also includes a 30 lb (14 kg) spool holder.

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