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    Calculate the required power and the load torque, and select a motor capacity that can be driven by the required power or higher. When selecting, also check that the rated motor torque is equal to or higher than the load torque. Required power : P LR = η μ × × × 6120 W V max [kW] Load torque : T LR = Nmax ×9550 P LR [N·m] Selected motor ...

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    CNC machining costs are divided into three parts: Machine cost: the price of the cnc machine, the depreciation cost, the length of the machined parts, the electricity bill Tool cost: All the tools, especially the more expensive non-standard tools, calculate the cost of processing a product according to the tool life.

  • calculation the machine capacity

    Sep 10, 2018 · Total factory capacity per day is 2000 hours (200 machines * 10 hours). If the factory is producing only one style (Shirt) of SAM 25 minutes and used all 200 machines daily production capacity at 50% = (2000*60/25)*50% Pieces = (2000*60*50) / (25*100) Pieces

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    Machine Capacity Calculation in Garments Industry: For calculating m/c (hr) capacity in the garments industry, we have needed the following information: Sewing line in that factory, Machines in each sewing line, Working hours per day. Now, by using the below formula, we can easily calculate the m/c (hr) capacity in the apparel industry.

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    Apr 01, 2017 · The total production capacity is also called machine- hour capacity. As usual, we can directly calculate the total production capacity a day. Such as we have 12 CNC Machines, it can keep running night and day 24 hours. So the daily total production capacity is 288 machine-hours. A simple of part production capacity; It is very easy to be ...

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    Cutting Macro Calculator There is an overwhelming amount of information for weight loss out there. We wrote this calculator that factors in current best practices for determining your daily caloric needs and then applies our own diet to help you shred fat while preserving muscle.

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    Apr 29, 2011 · The gas supplier bills us for LPG in MT (assume in liquid form). How do I calculate consumption and cost of the LPG per pound of cashews/nuts roasted. The flowmeter readings in cubic M/hr are recorded at the start of fryer and after shut down of fryer, during which time “X” lbs nuts would have been roasted.

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    Pipe Mill Welding, cutting and fabrication of large-scale pipe for cross-country and subsea material transfer. Power Generation Equipment, consumables and automation solutions for carbon-based, bio-fuel and renewable fuel generation. Shipbuilding Advanced processes and automated solutions for critical and unique shipbuilding requirements.

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    Then, to calculate how many workers you need, you can take the Cycle Time (30 minutes) and divide it by the Takt time (9 minutes). 30/9=3.33 So, you would need just over 3 workers to keep pace with demand of the incoming blenders. I hope that helps get you started. 0 October 8, 2015 at 10:45 am #198921

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    ADVERTISEMENTS: After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Process of Gas Cutting 2. Efficiency of Gas-Cutting 3. Equipments 4. Limitations. Process of Gas Cutting: Apart from using hacksaw, power saw, chisels, etc. for metal cutting operation, gas or oxygen cutting is extensively used now-a-days in industry. Oxy-fuel cutting (OFC) is similar to ox […]


    Their fundamental capacity is to move free soil. Dozers. The dozer machines are utilized to set up the surface to be built by moving and changing the soil. A dozer is a valuable machine which pushes and spreads the soil to make a leveled and even surface. Graders. The capacity of a grader is very much like the dozer.


    Multiply by how long it will take to cut the part, and you will get the volume of gas needed. Then multiply by your gas cost per volume and you can calculate the gas cost. For the electricity, this is harder to know how many kW your machine uses based on the power commanded. I would use the kW based on the machine max power.

  • How is the cost of a laser cutting machine calculated?

    First, ask the manufacturer of the cutting machine how they claim its cost should be estimated. You may or may not get a good answer to this but try anyway. Then consider this: You are much better off getting some quotes rather than trying to dev...

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    Production capacity (in pieces) = (Capacity in hours*60/product SAM)*line efficiency For Example: Suppose a factory has 8 sewing lines and each line has 25 machines. Total 200 machines and the working shift is 10 hours per day. Total factory capacity per day is 2000 hours (200 machines * 10 hours).